Toyota Financial Services Can Help You with Your Lost or Damaged Keys

As a new Toyota owner, you likely have a set of advanced keys to go with your model. While these keys offer convenience thanks to the sophisticated technologies integrated inside, replacing them can be costly as a result. Fortunately, Toyota Financial Service understands and is offering a Key Replacement Protection as of this August.

What Does the Key Replacement Protection Entail?

Key Replacement Protection is a program that you can sign up for to receive additional coverage on lost, stolen, or damaged car keys. This will ensure that you can acquire a spare more affordably. In fact, you may benefit from an insurance of up to $800 in some cases. The program includes towing and lockout assistance, rental or public transportation reimbursement, and other benefits too.

Learn More by Speaking to Our Toyota Experts

Key Replacement Protection is one example of how the Toyota keeps its customers satisfied. Learn more about this program and others like it that are now offered by speaking with a Town and Country Toyota expert today. You just have to visit 9101 South Boulevard in Charlotte, NC.

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