Sustainability is a Part of the Toyota Mission

The automotive industry evolves with society's needs. As such, it comes as no surprise that automakers such as Toyota are taking a greener approach with their business practices. In fact, the company has set forth many plans that would emphasize eco-consciousness. A few examples of how it intends to promote sustainability are below.


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Reducing Dependency on Limited Natural Resources

One of the main talking points when it comes to environmental protections is the use of limited natural resources. Fortunately, leaders within the Toyota Motor Company are aware of this fact and have taken steps to address this issue. For instance, the automaker has saved up to 99.8 million gallons of water and reduced non-regulated waste by as much as 96 percent since 2015.

Producing Models that Emit Less Carbon Pollution

According to data collected from various longitudinal studies, the transportation industry is responsible in large part for the production of carbon emissions. That is why Toyota has already stepped up to the plate to reimagine many of their models. Today, the collection it offers in North America is comprised of 14 hybrid options for this reason!

Looking to Go Greener Yourself?

If you would like to be a part of a more sustainable future as well, then this is your opportunity. Visit us at Town and Country Toyota, and our team will be happy to show you our selection of environmentally-friendly Toyota models. In this way, you too can be a part of the solution today!

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