Should You Choose Sand, Rock Salt, or Kitty Litter for Traction?

Winter has arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina, and motorists are preparing for the seasonal weather. Many people debate about which de-icing method is most helpful or hindering to local drivers. Explore your traction-adding substances with the Town and Country Toyota team today!

Sand - Sand is the most inexpensive for melting ice, or snow; best for adding traction to driveways for safe entry and exiting. Kitty Litter - Kitty litter helps with traction, and is the safest to carry in the trunk. When it becomes too wet it can get mushy; it does not help with melting ice. Rock Salt - The most of expensive of the group, rock salt is also the most damaging. It’s very useful for melting snow and ice and keeping roads, driveways and sidewalks clear. It is also corrosive, can melt into the ground and contaminate the ground, and harm the paws of animals.

At our Charlotte Toyota dealership, we care about your safety this winter. Stop by today, and we will assist you with preparing your vehicle for the cold season.

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