Drivetrain Guide: Choosing Between FWD and RWD

Most cars have a front-wheel drive configuration that allows them to drive in most situations. RWD vehicles are not as versatile, but they are just slightly less powerful than FWD. There is another type of vehicle that has the best of both and combines all of the power. These are all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles that have powerful front-wheel and rear-wheel configurations for the most power.

Depending on the price point, many vehicles have trims that offer FWD, RWD, or AWD. Most car manufacturers have a higher price point with AWD vehicles. You should test drive different drivetrains so you understand the differences and where the power is applied.

While you may not want four-wheel power, there are also off-road vehicles with 4WD that may interest you as well. FWD vehicles have powerful front tires that allow you to navigate slippery roads with better traction. However, are they the most fuel-efficient? AWD models may be better.

You can talk to the auto service or sales team at Town and Country Toyota for more information on your next car's drivetrain.

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