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Estimate Your Monthly Payments With This Easy-to-Use Online Tool

After you have taken a test drive with a specific Toyota model the next step is to pursue purchasing that vehicle. The financing process can be daunting, especially for those who may not have gone through it before. However, with the payment calculator some of the stress of the process is taken off your shoulders.

That is because this tool can give you a reliable estimate as to your monthly vehicle expenses.

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Our Pre-Approved Financing Will Save You Time

Modern technology can be a wonderful thing, and in the car business, it serves to allow pre-authorization of your next car loan before you even get to the dealership. You can go online to our website and begin the process by filling in a very simple form. Your information then goes to our finance department where the process will be completed. Sooner than you think, the result will come back, and you will know how much you can have available to purchase a new or used vehicle.

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Martians and the All-New Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

If you’ve seen the popular movie, The Martian, you know that in it the astronaut played by Matt Damon is accidently left behind on Mars. There, he has to survive for many months while NASA launches a rescue mission. Though it’s a drama it also has lots and lots of funny parts.

We thought of this recently when watching this new Toyota commercial.

At Town and Country Toyota we think James made the right choice in deciding to move on from that place. The “space travelers” seemed a little bit odd, don’t you think?

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A Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and a Soul Food Road Trip

Have you ever taken a road trip simply for the pleasure of discovering the “best of” something? Maybe it was a wine tasting trip through Napa Valley, a pizza adventure through New York City or searching for the best coffee in Seattle, Washington.

For these three millennials, the search is on for the best soul food in the Los Angeles, California, area. They sample everything from catfish to collard greens and beans, macaroni and cheese to oysters and many other foods in between.

Stuffed, they vote on the best of three restaurants they’ve visited.

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