Most shoppers look for a smooth, easy experience when shopping for a new car. Here at Town and Country Toyota, we put time and effort into providing that experience for all customers.

Recently, Charlotta Agenda writer Ted Williams came down to our dealership to put our customer experience to the test. His recap article made note of how quickly our staff helped him find the right car, work through the finances, and complete the purchase -- all in a low-pressure, easy-going environment. In short, he was impressed:

"In summary, the Sonic Guest Experience lived up to its reputation -- I found it low key, dead simple, transparent and lightning fast," Williams wrote in his recap article.

If you would like to read more of what Williams had to say about his car shopping experience at Town and Country Toyota, go check out his article on Charlotte Agenda. If you're curious to try out the experience for yourself, swing by our store today!

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