Do You Need Windshield Wiper Fluid?

There are several benefits to having quality windshield wiper fluid in your car, and all of the positive attributes are not directly connected to your windshield wipers. Let the Town and Country Toyota service team help you identify the benefits of actual washer fluid as opposed to plain tap water.

The wiper fluid helps to keep the mechanical parts of your car lubricated, which means that your engine and transmission will work efficiently when you have quality windshield wiper fluid. If these internal parts are too dry, you could be facing pricey repairs. This could cause you to have to leave your car at the mechanic for days, which could be a hassle. Of course, windshield wiper fluid also cleans your windshield by breaking down the dirt and water stains on the glass and making it easier for you to see when you're driving in heavy rain or snow.

The fluid also takes longer to freeze than snow, which means that ice won't get stuck on your windshield and you'll be able to see clearly while you're operating your vehicle in cold weather. Contact our Charlotte service center to learn more about windshield wiper fluid and prepping your vehicle for winter!

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